We are manufacturers

Truck and bus wash

Under the LAVANTIA brand, we have a wide range of configurations for high-pressure washing platforms for industrial vehicles, available in both cold and hot water options. These configurations include diesel or propane gas boilers and manual, remote, or self-service activation systems. We also offer hose columns, trolleys, and platforms.


Industrial benches

The CAT 5CP5120 pump with a 7.5kw motor, with or without a boiler, can be mounted on a wall or in a “compact” (stainless steel rack 100x125x198). It includes an electrical panel and manual industrial-grade control buttons

Double-arm column

Hot-dip galvanized 100×100, 4.85m tall post with a galvanized arm at one end, measuring 2.5m with 180º rotation, supporting a stainless steel rotating arm, 1.75m with 360º rotation. It comes with a base plate for concrete embedding and conduit on the 2.5m arm made of stainless steel tube. Hose from the arm to the gun not included in this reference (customized and charged per meter)

Trolley with double carts

Galvanized 6m rail per section with double carriages and securing plate, with wall brackets or with ground posts. Length to be defined by the client.

Elevated platforms with Tramex flooring, stairs, and handrails

Hot-dip galvanized steel tube platform. 90cm wide by 120cm high in 2500cm long sections with railing on one or two sides, and with access ladder and stair railings on one or both ends. The floor is made of galvanized tramex.