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exclusive distributors in Spain.

Maquinaria Ortega SL exclusively distributes the equipment of the prestigious and historic Italian manufacturer CECCATO in the Spanish market.

CECCATO’s range of car wash tunnels and bridges is a market leader, offering a variety of high-quality, rapid wash equipment. The range of car wash bridges and tunnels includes basic equipment for dealerships, workshops, and small service stations, as well as unlimited chain-length tunnels for car manufacturers’ rain and leak tests.

Here are the Ceccato brand products
The best technology for maximum wash quality

car wash bridges

They have a flexible configuration, are easy to use, cost-effective to maintain, with low operating costs, and remote connectivity through an app as standard.

quality and flexibility

car wash tunnels

Quality in every component, rational technical design, aiming for the simplest and lowest maintenance possible. Flexibility in terms of program types and enclosures.

Machined and transportable

Train and tram washing

Machined and easily transportable.

Washing for all sizes

wash water recyclers

Do your part for the environment: Recycle wash water and contribute to a sustainable future

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