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Self-Service Car Wash Bays

LAVANTIA washing centers are distinguished by the intrinsic quality in each component of the equipment, and by the rational technical design. This design is conceived by technicians accustomed to providing direct on-site service to clients, thus ensuring that every design and production decision focuses on minimizing equipment maintenance and making it easy to perform.

Another key feature of our centers is the immense flexibility in program options and types of enclosures.

In all our equipment, we install top-quality components: CAT pumps, Fioto control boxes, Yaskawa inverters, volumetric and double water softener valves, LAVANTIA Reverse Osmosis plants (with stainless steel chassis and reinforced stainless steel membrane housings), all low-pressure installations in Thermosealed Polypropylene to prevent future leaks, high-pressure installations in curved stainless steel tubing (without joint pieces that may leak), high-pressure hoses in double mesh, a watertight electrical panel IP66 with top-brand electrical elements, color touchscreen, and standard Ethernet connectivity.


General Features

Pump Group:

  • PUMP: CAT brand.
  • Standard model 5CP 2150W with 4kW motor, (2.2Kw in MF1P, MF1P Full Eco, MF Bikes).
  • Max pressure: 150 bar.
  • Flow rate: 15 l/m.
  • 3 standard 24V solenoid valves per lane.
  • 2 standard 24V dosing pumps – soap and wax.
  • Total stop system with Telemechanique switch.
  • Safety valve after bypass.
  • Stainless steel check valves

Boilers: ACV Brand


  • Delta Pro Pack 25 for 1 and 2 lanes.
  • Delta Pro Pack 45 for 3 lanes.
  • Delta Pro 55 S for 4 lanes.
  • HM 100 for more than 5 lanes

Standard Diesel Burner, Gas or Electric optional.

For the MF1P, MF1P FULL ECO, and MF BIKES models, we optionally offer a 2.2 kw Junker brand electric heater.

Available diesel tanks: 30L (for compact models), 200L, and 700L. Double-walled and certified.

Lane Controllers (Coin Operated):

  • Embedded Fioto for MF1P, MF1P Full Eco, MF2P, and MF3P (2 embedded and one remote).
  • Fioto anti-vandalism for horizontal benches and compact racks to be housed in on-site technical rooms (not enclosed).

General Features of the Water Treatment Module

The water treatment module can be manufactured integrated into a stainless steel rack of 100x125x198cm (MTA) – with or without enclosure – or arranged for wall installation in an existing room, a container, a paneled room, or an ‘Osseus’.

The treatment consists of the following elements:

  • WASHABLE 20 MICRON FILTER in a transparent container. WATER SOFTENER through ion exchange, duplex volumetric 75, 100, 150 L. Only for the MF1P Full Eco, a simple 50 L softener is installed. Optionally, an anti-scaling system for not very hard waters.
  • AUTOMATIC DECHLORINATOR of 50L of Keramis carbon, except for the MF1P Full Eco which has a renewable activated carbon filter instead of the bottle with a self-cleaning valve.
  • REVERSE OSMOSIS PLANT: 5,000, 10,000, 15,000, and 20,000 L/24h depending on the number of lanes. It consists of stainless steel membrane housings, Lowara booster pump, stainless steel body, stainless steel front panel, structure in 40×40 stainless steel tubing, thermosealed PPR plumbing, 2 flow meters, and protections against lack of water or overheating.
  • TANKS of 1,000 L for osmotized water and 2,000 L for softened water. Lowara pump with standard frequency inverter from MF3P onwards. Optional for MF1P, MF2P, and industrial benches. This inverter allows us to ensure constant pressure and flow at the input of the high-pressure pumps regardless of the number of lanes in use at any time and whether or not the osmosis plant is generating water. With this system, we reduce interventions on the CAT pump by avoiding cavitation and occasional excess pressure, while ensuring the same ml of chemical product is always injected.

Our electrical panel is completely watertight, equipped with top-brand components, CE certified in conjunction with the rest of the installation as a machine with a serial number. Standard front touchscreen and color display from 2 lanes onwards. It allows connection to it via the internet, to view alarms, the counter, maintenance alerts, etc…

Types of Car Wash Bays

Compact (Rack-Mounted or Enclosed)

For MF1P, MF2P, MF3P, MF Bikes, MTA, MF1P Full Eco.

The idea behind this type of rack or bench is to accommodate 1, 2, or up to 3 lanes in the smallest possible space and separate the essential machinery for self-service washing from the water treatment into 2 independent racks. Thus, we have compact force units (MF1P, MF2P, MF3P, and MF Bikes) and the compact water treatment unit (MTA).

Power Cabinets for 1, 2, and 3 Lanes

MF1P, MF2P, MF3P, Power Modules. In the compact force unit, we include:

  • CAT 5CP2150W pump groups with 4kw motor, 3-way distributor with stainless steel check valves, 24V solenoid valves, and 2 standard dosing pumps (soap and wax). Electrical panel (power in one cabinet and control in another).
  • ACV boiler with diesel tank. (for the MF1P, the diesel boiler or electric heater is optional). Coin-operated machines (one embedded on each side of the cabinet and the third, if any, remotely with an anti-vandalism drawer).
  • Lane accessories: swivel arm, hose, gun, lance and nozzle, tube lance rest, and signage. 1 set per lane.
  • The Power and Water Treatment Racks are independent, can be sold together or separately, and are made of AISI 304 stainless steel measuring 1000 x 1250 x 1980mm, each.

The entire chassis is made of 40x40mm stainless steel tubing and then enclosed with removable AISI 304 stainless steel plates with a matte finish. This enclosure adds 3cm more in each dimension.

It is accessible from both 125cm sides for easy maintenance as it mounts 4 doors (2 per side).

The electronic coin mechanism and the program buttons are embedded in the cabinet where the machinery (Power Module) is housed.

Water Treatment Cabinet

MTA. Water Treatment Module. In the treatment rack we include:
  • 20 micron filter in transparent vessel.
  • Volumetric duplex water softener with 75L. of resin per bottle.
  • Automatic dechlorinator with 50Kg of activated carbon.
  • Osmosis plant with 2 40×40 membranes in stainless steel membrane holder with product and rejection flowmeter, safety for lack of water, automatic flushing and stainless steel impeller pump.
  • 500L tank. for osmotized water with level probe and low level safety.
  • Lowara submersible pump for the osmotized water.
We always recommend installing a 1000L accumulation tank for softened water. It is always included in the 3-lane compact, in the 1 or 2 lane it is an option. In any case, the 1000l tank is housed between the 2 compacts and is covered with composite, taking up 115cm in length. When the installation includes this tank, the kit includes a three-phase LOWARA pump with a frequency converter that makes it work at more or less revolutions depending on the number of lanes that are operating or if the osmosis plant is producing water. With this we avoid problems of cavitation in the CAT due to lack of water and over pressures reducing failures and improving chemical injection.

Power Cabinet with Water Treatment 1P​

MF1P ECO. Single-lane module with included water treatment. This is a combination of an MF1P and a MTA, but reduced to fit everything in a single compact of 100x125x198 (panelled or in rack). Features:
  • CAT 5CP5120 pump with 2.2kw motor.
  • 2 chemical pumps.
  • 1 simple 50L softener.
  • Osmosis plant with 1 40×40 membrane.
  • Active carbon filter.
  • Junker 2.2kw electric heater.
  • 75L tanks for salt and for osmotized water.
  • Coin mechanism embedded in the door.
  • 1 track accessory kit: arm, hose, gun, lance, nozzle, lance holder, and signage.

Self-Service Cabinet for Bicycles

MFB. Single-lane compact for bicycles: This cabinet changes its dimensions and appearance compared to the rest of the compacts. It is a stylish stainless steel cabinet. Chassis made of stainless steel and covered in matte stainless steel sheet. Comestero Evolution electronic coin mechanism, front door with security lock, IP66 waterproof electrical panel, short and manageable lance with ergonomic gun, tube type support for high pressure lance and hook for air and lubrication guns (both with orange spiral hose). CAT 5CP2150 pump and 2.2kw ABB motor. Features: Maximum pressure 120 bar (regulated at 70 bar) and 12 l/minute. 2 24V Pumps (Shampoo and Lubricant SAE 10). Programs:
  1. WASHING. Cold high pressure water with Shampoo.
  2. RINSING. Cold water.
  3. DRYING. Air from existing compressor (unless onboard compressor is purchased).
  4. LUBRICATION. SAE 10 oil via a trigger gun, but with pump impulses limited for each press of this program button.
Options that can be added:
  • Onboard compressor, max. 8bar.
  • 360º stainless steel rotating arm (to hang on existing crossbar).
  • Stainless steel hose rack.
  • Tyre inflation kit (pressure gauge, hose and double nozzle) *
  • Stainless steel post with fork for holding the front wheel of the bike.
* Attention with onboard compressor, maximum 8bar, without compressor, the customer must provide the air connection from the existing compressor. NOTE: In certain cases we can use this bike cabinet as a simple compact for car washing in self-service. In this case, the lubricant pump is replaced by a wax one and the drying program is eliminated. It is a more economic option than the MF1P, but more limited since a heater can’t be incorporated.

Summary of available compact models

Power module for 1 lane with 2 motor options (2.2kw and 4 kw)
Power module for 2 lanes
Power module for 3 lanes
Water treatment module
Power module for bicycles
MF1P Eco
1-lane power module with included water treatment
MF o MTA Carenado
MF + MTA Carenados
MF + MTA + Depósito Carenado

Horizontal Benches

From 2 lanes onwards, we can offer the machinery on a horizontal bench.

In this case, the machinery is housed in a structure made of matt finished AISI 304 stainless steel, with 40×40 tubes. This system is normally used when the client has a technical room or for refurbishment of existing facilities or in the case of panelled technical rooms, “osseus locus” or container type.

The benches can be made from 2 to 6 lanes. In fact, the electrical panel, the CAT pump groups with a 4Kw motor and all their accessories, the solenoid valves, the distributor with the stainless steel check valves, the dosing pumps, the PPR pipes for each type of water, and the low-pressure pumps for both decalcified and osmotized water are all housed on the “bench” itself.

The rest of the elements are installed independently in the corresponding room (client-provided room, container, panelled room or osseus). All connections between these elements (PPR, electrical tray, electrical hoses, etc..) are included under the concept of “horizontal bench” as are the external lane accessories (arm, hose, lance, etc…).

Types of Technical Rooms​

We have 3 types of “technical rooms” in which to house the horizontal benches (exceptionally, an MF2P or MF3P could also be housed, but it is not usual). Available dimensions for all of them:
  • 2.35m wide x 5.13m long x 2.50m high (standard).
  • 2.35m wide x 6.13m long x 2.50m high (for 6m grid to axes enclosures).

Container-Type Technical Room​

Made of galvanized tube and finished with 80x80mm powder paint. 6 pillars, perimeter channel for rainwater, walls in 30mm sandwich panel, roof in 30mm sandwich panel cover (plus corrugated).

Floor with a structure of 80×80 and 60×40 tube covered with 4mm ribbed aluminum plate.

Fireproof front door with ventilation grills and passage gap of 90x196cm.

Electrical and lighting pre-installation with 2 watertight LED tube screens.

Panelled-Type Technical Room

Unlike the container, the panelled room does not have a floor and is not portable.

The walls are made of 35mm thick, 3m high cellular PVC panel and act as a partition separating the lanes (they always go between the boxes, at least on one side).

The horizontal bench is placed on the concrete floor of the civil work itself, along with the rest of the loose equipment.

The interconnection of them is carried out by means of a perimeter electrical tray and corrugated tube downspouts.

The plumbing interconnection of the horizontal bench with the tanks and the water treatment between each other and with the tanks is done in thermosealed PPR.

The ceiling is a continuation of the one on the lanes or adjacent lane (it can be a sandwich panel or curved polycarbonate, depending on the type of structure).

The 6 pillars and crossbeams are made of 80×80 tube and the wall and door fastenings are made of 60×40 tube. They will be of the same qualities as the structure chosen by the customer (standard, mixed or total stainless steel).

The panelled room is manufactured in a machined way so that it is assembled “on site”, with the beams and crossbeams designed to screw the posts together and these to be fixed to the floor with stainless steel lag screws.

If the structure has a channel, the room also has one, and if the structure is a polycarbonate vault, there will be no rainwater channel.

Osseus Locus Technical Room

The description appears to be about a technical room or a hybrid space combining a container and a paneled technical room. The room is paneled with a floor where both walls are connected by 80×80 welded transoms, and the floor is a framework of 80×80 and 60×40, also welded. The room, referred to as “OSSEUS,” is made of AISI 304 stainless steel.

The roof is an extension of the adjacent tracks, and although the wall height is 2.50m, the pillars are equipped with 6 fitted columns to support the common track transoms, integrating it within the common structure of the washing bays.

The upper free space between the 2.50m walls and the 3m high installation roof is covered with composite sheeting in the same color as the perimeter image of the installation. Both the Paneled room and Osseus cannot be offered to the end customer without the metal structure, as they are part of the same unit and must be perfectly integrated.

Available dimensions:

  • 2.35m wide x 5.13m long x 2.50m high
  • 2.35m wide x 6.13m long x 2.50m high

Available Wash Programs

As experienced manufacturers (since 1985 in the car wash industry), we have a wide range of possibilities to offer to our clients. However, we consider it appropriate to detail the standard programs included in our facilities and the main options that we can program:

Standard Program

  1. STOP.
  2. WASH.
  3. RINSE.
  4. WAXING.

Main Options

  • Foam Cannon: High-pressure program with a separate rotating arm and a specific foam nozzle lance. It includes a separate dosing pump for this alkaline foaming product, providing a spectacular result.

  • Wheel/Insects (LP): Low-pressure main lance. If the installation has a frequency converter per track (optional for various applications), this program can be configured for medium pressure.

  • Wheel/Insects (LE): Low pressure through a separate circuit with a spiral hose. It incorporates a stainless steel bench with a tank for a high-concentration chemical product mixture and a stainless steel pump prepared to work with a very high pH product. 23

  • Brush (BA): High pressure with an additional rotating arm, incorporates a chemical pump and foam filter. It includes a brush drawer.

  • Brush (LE): Low pressure through a separate circuit and spiral hose. It includes an additional chemical pump. This option is recommended when the installation already has 2 rotating arms and a third one is not desired. It is less foamy than the BA.

  • Basic Anti-Freeze System: Thermostat, low-pressure dripping guns, and PPR line with an solenoid valve that releases a small stream of water from the lance tip when the temperature drops below the set limit.

  • Extra Anti-Freeze System: In addition to the above, the lance holders are connected to a pipe leading to a storage tank buried under the technical room, and a single-phase submersible pump recirculates the water while the temperature remains below the set limit.

  • Coin Vacuum System: 2 systems, three-phase turbine with up to 6 vacuum lines to the same cash box, or a single-phase turbine per track with independent cash box. A base pedestal is required as the control unit base (see photo).

  • Loyalty Card Payment System: Radiofrequency reader installed in the coin mechanism, cards are loaded by the operator in a manual machine.

  • Credit Card Payment System (Touchless Ingénico).