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LAVANTIA’s enclosures are always mechanized and easily transportable.

We offer 4 types of enclosures:


Standard Enclosures

With 3 pillars per separation panel made of 80x80mm galvanized steel and coated with oven-baked paint to ensure a long lifespan when in contact with water from the wash bays.

The panels are made of 35mm PVC, specially treated and formulated to withstand continuous impact from waters with varying pH and various chemicals, as well as degradation from UV rays from sunlight.

These panels provide more resistance than those made of other materials such as polycarbonate, have a longer lifespan, and, due to their assembly system, allow for decorative or advertising vinyl to be placed on them as their surface is completely smooth.

The panels are secured by 2 tubes of 60×40 joined at their ends to the pillars, to which a PVC “U” is attached, housing the sheets of the same material.

The upper 60×40 tube is detachable for replacing PVC sheets if necessary.

The roof is single-sloped towards the vehicle exit, made of 30mm sandwich panel roofing.

A water spillway is installed at the vehicle exit.

The bays are illuminated by 4 watertight LED tube screens for each washing unit.

The installation’s appearance is personalized with a 60cm perimeter band in a color of choice, made of composite aluminum or with curved painted sheet for a fish-eye effect.

As standard, single-color vinyl lettering is included for the front and one side.

Stainless Steel Mixed Enclosures

Based on the standard enclosure, the galvanized pillars and the 60×40 tubes that hold the screens at the top and bottom, as well as connecting the 3 pillars, are replaced with AISI 304 stainless steel in a glossy finish. Additionally, the pillars are round with a diameter of 130mm, giving a more robust appearance to the installation.

Beams, curves, and crossbars remain in galvanized and lacquered as in the standard enclosure.

With this option, the lower parts that are in contact with water are protected from future corrosion, ensuring a longer lifespan and lower maintenance costs for the installation.

Inox Total Enclosures

Similar to the previous version, but in this case, the 80×80 beams and crossmembers of the roof are also made of AISI 304 stainless steel with a matte finish. All elements are either stainless steel or PVC, resulting in minimal maintenance costs and a very extended lifespan, in addition to the aesthetic benefits that this composition provides.

Premium Enclosures

About the INOX TOTAL enclosure, we have a special finish that we call PREMIUM. In this type of enclosure, the front of each lane is extended by 1.35m using 2 additional columns, cladded in ALOCUBOND aluminum panel, creating a striking and much taller structure with an imposing appearance. In the spaces of this extended structure, 2 glass panels of 105cm wide by 2m high are installed, illuminated with blue LEDs.
  • Round pillars of 130mm in AISI 304 polished stainless steel.
  • Beams and crossbars, also in the same material, with a matte finish and measuring 80x80mm.
  • Partition screens in 35mm cellular PVC with UV radiation treatment (glass as an option).
  • Fastening of the partition screens, both at the bottom and the top, is done with polished stainless steel tube of 60x40mm.
  • The roof is made of sandwich panel with a backward slope and rain gutter.
  • The entire upper side is clad with composite panel in the same color as the front for a uniform appearance. It includes lighting through 4 watertight LED panels per lane.