Pegasus Tech

A product of multiple technical and design combinations with an integrated vehicle scanning system for high-precision washing.

Also available in matte black with carbon fiber-coated doors.

Available in two versions


Drying blade and pre-wash copying system

Air Plus

Air drying system with oscillating airflow of elliptical trajectory

Vehicle Clearance Dimensions

Tenemos 4 opciones:

mod 220

mod 240

mod 260

mod 295


As standard

  • Display Column: LED indicator for optimal vehicle positioning
  • Turbo Side Dryer: System ensuring uniform drying – only available for Pegasus Tech Premium
  • Profile Control Technology: Vectorial system for uniform washing with a photocell barrier for millimetric scanning of vehicle contours.
  • Standard Colors: RAL 7035 white – RAL 7016 gray
  • Washing Performance: Up to 1500 washes/month


  • E-Won: Remote control
  • Wheel Controller: High-pressure system in combination with wheel brush.
  • Pre-treatment: Configuration for up to 12 chemical products.
  • High Pressure: High-pressure system for enhanced washing performance.
  • Hybrid System: Vertical and horizontal high-pressure reinforcement for contactless or combined washing.
  • Color Cascade: Illuminated foam cascade with LEDs for multicolor scenic washes – only available for Pegasus Tech 2.0 Premium.
  • LED Path Guide: Support to ease vehicle positioning, with an aesthetic effect.
  • Custom Colors: Colors available upon request from the RAL color chart.
  • Design Finishes: Carbon appearance on front doors

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