Lavantia F20 Tech 2.0

A product of multiple technical and design combinations with an integrated vehicle scanning system for high-precision washing.

Also available in matte black with carbon fiber-coated doors.

Available in two versions


This version is characterized by the high-pressure horizontal washing and drying that contours the car. The jets of water and air currents are directed by an asymmetrical deflector to perfectly follow the shape of the vehicle, both in front and at the rear of the car.

TSD Secador Turbo Syde Standard

Top-level drying system. TSD: we have the solution to avoid the ‘dead spot’ in different drying stages, in fact, with a traditional dryer, the currents between the lateral sides and the top create a vortex in the middle, causing the airflow to dissipate before reaching the car. TSD was designed to eliminate the vortex and airflow dissipation. The drying results have a better finish. The full-height side dryers have been improved by significantly reducing noise impact.

Air Plus

Synchronized movement as added value.

The rotation of the water and air systems is the winning solution to improve washing and drying results.

High-pressure spraying with an oscillating movement gives the customer a wonderful perception of quality.

The top dryers generate oscillating airflow with an optimal elliptical trajectory for the natural flow of water from the car to the ground: this ensures a great combination of washing and drying.

The combined and synchronized action of rotation/translation, and the ability to customize the speed of the air system ensures an effective, safe, and appreciable result in washing and drying.

Vehicle Clearance Dimensions

Tenemos 5 opciones:


  • Wheel Controller: High-pressure system in combination with a wheel brush.
  • Vector Plus Profiling Control: More precise washing and reduced washing time.
  • 9 programs:
  • Compact high-pressure pumps: Occupy less space and provide a more pleasant appearance.
  • Freetouch: Tilted rotating nozzles working at 70 bar. Very good washing result even without brushes.
  • Standard Colors: Ice White or Anthracite Grey.
  • Colors on request: Cobalt Blue, Brilliant Red, Black Carbon Look, White Carbon Look.
  • In addition to the available colors, it is also possible to customize with any other color required in the RAL table.

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