Hydrus Tech

Easy to install and use, excellent performance, an appealing price-to-quality ratio, flexible in operation, extremely productive, Hydrus Tech encapsulates the Ceccato experience in the best way possible. 

It is also available in matte black with front doors coated in carbon fiber and the historic red sticker from the 1950s of Ceccato.

Available in two version


System with drying blade and pre-wash copying.

Air Plus

Air drying system with oscillating airflow of elliptical trajectory

Vehicle Clearance Dimensions

We have 5 options

mod 190

mod 220

mod 240

mod 260

mod 295


As standard

  • Touchscreen Interface: Full-color touchscreen display.
  • App: Application to monitor the bridge from a mobile or tablet.
  • Connectivity: Integrated ADSL connection.
  • Display Column: LED indicator for optimal vehicle positioning.
  • Turbo Side Dryer: System ensuring drying uniformity – only available for Pegasus Tech Premium.
  • Profile Control Technology: Vectorial system for washing uniformity with a photocell barrier for millimetric scanning of vehicle contours.
  • Standard Colors: RAL 7035 white – RAL 7016 gray.
  • Washing Performance: Up to 1400 washes/month.


  • Adjustment System: Optimized washing system for unusual shapes and spoilers.
  • Front Panel: LED display for showing personalized messages.
  • Wheel Controller: High-pressure system in combination with a wheel brush.
  • Pre-treatment: Configuration for up to 12 chemical products.
  • High Pressure: High-pressure system for higher washing performance.
  • Color Cascade: Illuminated foam cascade with LEDs for multicolor scenic washes – only available for Pegasus Tech 2.0 Premium.
  • LED Path Guide: Support to facilitate vehicle positioning, with an aesthetic effect.
  • Custom Colors: Colors upon request from the RAL color chart.
  • Design Finishes: Carbon appearance on the front doors.

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